The word of the year for 2023 is REBOUND. If you’re in the media and advertising business, the demand is peak right now.

After a really scary October that saw the free fall of ad-supported blue chip companies like Meta, Snap and Google, digital media creators have relied on the small guys.  The startup websites, eStores and those who enter the “Social Media” arena have fed the production studios well this year. We think this change is a good thing. More variety in content.

The first banner ad debuted less than 30 years ago. Search ads are even younger than that. Social media got its start 18 years ago, but TikTok has only been around for six years. The technology and tools for digital media are still very much in their infancy.

Another brand-new medium that developed from the ground up? Television. It has taken almost 100 years for TV to hit its stride, and it still surprises us every year.

We’re in the early days of digital media. As delightful and indispensable as the internet is in our lives, the templates we use today continue to be basic and unappealing; too many sites, even the really good ones, are crowded by poorly performing and poorly integrated ads. It’s hard to measure what works, and advertisers are still unsure of what they are always buying.

“Creators” are popping up everywhere. Everyone wants $$$ from Tik-Tok, YouTube or just a product introduced. Smaller “all in one” companies are getting  more popular. Rapid Digital Productions for instance builds, hosts and promotes their digital media for clients all in house. Simple, 1 Stop production company.

They can build your YouTube channel, create ads and get them placed to perfection all in days.  Have 1K subscribers in weeks compared to the months a “board of directors” takes approve your work at Pepsi or GM.